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What To Expect

What To Expect

  • Upon receipt, the member utilities notified by 811 have two full working days to respond to your request. Working days do not include weekends and State/Federal Holidays. Please note that it is your responsibility to contact any non-member utilities directly. A full list of our members can be found on our website.

  • You are responsible for ensuring the locators have access to the dig site which includes keeping gates unlocked and animals off the premises. It is also your responsibility to have the private lines marked on the property. Private lines are owned and maintained by the property owner and may include (but are not limited to) water and sewer lines that run from the meter to the home, electric to shed, gas to a grill, or water going to a pool. Please contact 811 for a list of private locators.

  • The members of 811 will respond by either marking their lines at the dig site in the color code representing their facility (see chart below) or by notifying you that their lines are clear of the requested area. Contact could be made to you by phone, fax, or email that you provide on the original request.

  • If you have not received a member’s response by the end of the two full working days, contact:
    1. Indiana 811 - 811 or 800-382-5544 to request an additional notice be sent to the affected member(s).
    2. Kentucky 811 - 811 or 800-752-6007 to request an additional notice be sent to the affected member(s).

  • Locate requests are valid for:
    1. Indiana - 20 calendar days from the date submitted.
    2. Kentucky - 21 calendar days from the date submitted.
    If your project will not be complete within that time, please contact 811 at least two full working days prior to the expiration date or sooner if the markings are no longer visible or the work plan or location has changed.

  • Once the lines are located, if excavation or demolition is necessary within the approximate location of the underground facility, the excavator shall hand-dig or use non-intrusive means to avoid damage to the underground facility