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Statewide Damage Prevention Project

In June of 2008 Indiana 811 began the Statewide Damage Prevention Program (SDPP). The purpose of this program is to make jobsite visits to determine if locates are being completed in a timely manner and if they are being done correctly. The program also seeks feedback from contractors, homeowners and stakeholders on how they view the system in place for requesting locates.

This ongoing program has the ability to track a locate request form the beginning with the call to the call center to the expiration date of the ticket. The call can be listened to if any discrepancy is noted by any of the involved parties and appropriate action can be undertaken to prevent future occurrences. The jobsite is visited, pictures taken and information entered into the website database if all marks are present or noting those missing. A second visit has been performed on 28 percent of the sites on or close to the expiration date of the ticket.

To date 983 first time jobsite visits have been made with 269 follow up visits made. There have been informational breakfast meetings in Indianapolis, Ft Wayne and Evansville and the groundwork for establishment of regional Damage Prevention Councils has been laid.