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Our Team

Our Team

Executive Director

Dan Lucarelli
Phone: 317.893.1401
Fax: 317.893.1421

Director of operations and technology

Justin Sell
Phone: 317.893.1402
Fax: 317.893.1421

Director of Regulatory and External Affairs

Tim Vaughn
Phone: 502.442.3160
Fax: 502.493.6161

director of finance

Karen Braun
Phone: 317.893.1405
Fax: 317.893.1421

Director of marketing

Mary Patricia Kindt
Phone: 317.893.1453
Fax: 317.893.1421

Administrative Assistant

Wanda Rudisell
Phone: 317.893.1410
Fax: 317.893.1421

i.t. manager

Jason Tom
Phone: 317.893.1431
Fax: 317.893.1421

Helpdesk technician

Cory Luedtke
Phone: 317.893.1400
Fax: 317.893.1421

Operations supervisor - indiana

Lisa Eldridge
Phone: 317.893.1416
Fax: 317.893.1421


Jennette McFarlane
Phone: 317.893.1416
Fax: 317.893.1421

Operations Supervisor - Kentucky

Nikki Pharris
Phone: 502.493.3539
Fax: 502.493.6161

Member Services Coordinator - Indiana

Kristin Reed
Phone: 317.893.1430
Fax: 317.893.1421

Member Services Coordinator - Kentucky

Carly Dunsmore
Phone: 502.493.3541
Fax: 502.493.6161