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IN Ticket Copy

Ticket Copy Request

If you need to obtain a copy of a previous locate request, you can make your request in one of two ways:

Option 1

You can now go to the following link to pull up a copy of your locates and print them out: Locate Inquiry

The link above should take you to this screen.

From here you can type in your ticket number and the primary phone number on the locate. It will take you to a page that shows Positive Response information on the locate, but as stated in the Disclaimer not everyone uses our Positive Response option. If you would like to print out a copy you will see another link on that page that will let you print your locate request. 



Depending on which web browser you are using the link may take you to the login page for Web Ticket Entry. If so, simply click the box where it states:

To check positive response / ticket status on an existing ticket (without a user name or password) 

By clicking the box it will redirect you to the page where you can search for your locate request. Follow the helpful instructions above to look up your locate request.



*Disclaimer: Indiana State Law requires operators of underground facilities to provide Positive Response regarding each locate request. The facility operator may choose their own form of Positive Response and if they are a member of Indiana 811, are not required to use the system provided by Indiana 811. The staff at Indiana 811 does not have the ability to provide Positive Response information for locate requests.

If the 2 full working days have passed and there is no response from the operator(s) who are a member of our service, please call Indiana 811 to send out an Additional Notice.

Note: Not every member of Indiana 811 utilizes our online system to provide Positive Response. The member utility may provide Positive Response by marking their underground lines, or contacting you directly by phone, mail, fax, or email.

Option 2

Email your requests to Justin Sell, Director of Operations and Technology, at

If you know the 10 digit locate number associated with the ticket you are requesting, please include that information in your letter.

If you do not know the 10 digit locate number associated with the ticket you are requesting, then you will need to provide the following information. Without this information, we will be unable to search our database.

  1. Approximate date (e.g. 5/2018 or 5/1/2018) when the locate request was processed.
  2. Name of the company or person that submitted the locate request.
  3. County and Township where the dig site was located.
  4. Address of the dig site.